November Rain Tape




Tape released in November 2014 for our German Tour.
SOLD OUT !!!!!!!!!!


released November 6, 2014

Recorded by Jo in the afternoon of October 13, 2014 !
All songs & Lyrics written by Ed Warner.



all rights reserved


ED WARNER Tours, France

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06/30/17 - Tours
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07/01/17 - Nevers @ Café Charbon Skaterocking Day + Verbal Razors + Alea Jacta Est + Back To reality

08/25/17 - Tbc

08/26/17 - Dunkerque @Kalvaire fest + Bison Bisou + Lovve + Radikal Suckers + Psykokondriak + Polux + Demon Juice + The reverbly ones + Tsar Bompa + Charbon + Barque
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Track Name: Greyjoy Division
It's so hard i guess to be a Greyjoy
Everybody's kidding on your fucking name
Your childhood is obliterated

Till Death do us part
I don't want to be a loser
I don't want to be a Greyjoy

It's so easy to be cool !
It's why I ain't a Greyjoy, It's why I ain't a loser
I want to keep my dick, I want to keep my honor

Till Death do us part, man, save me ! Man , help me !
Track Name: Sermonizer
Freedom of Expression
Means nothing to you
Bla bla, you talk, again and again
and you give lessons, again and again

Ch : Sermonizer, Shut your gob
Sermonizer, I hate you !

Your anarchist ideas are mine too
U don't know my don't judge me !

Ch : Sermonizer, shut your gob
Sermonizer, I hate you
Track Name: Gig in Crystal Lake
Ed Warner signed one million dollar contract
to play in Crystal Lake, the summer camp
We dealed fireworks and cheerleaders
I wanna go on stage on an unicorn !

Only first song and one psycho's coming
He kills, he beheads, he dismembers
Who is this man behind the mask ?
To look his eyes is like to dive in the abyss

Crystal Lake, a dream comes true

Everybody's dying around us and we keep on playing
The floors turns red, we play with fear
Track Name: New Youth
I'm afraid the Empire strikes back
The past atrocities had no lessons on them
This cough grass Hitlerian Youth
Becomes like a shade beast

Ch : Fucking Nazis
Out of My sight !!!

I know it's easy to write about it
I know Million bands wrote about this shit !
Track Name: Who stole my beer ?
I call my friends, it's saturday night
Let's party together, we'll have fun
I go to our favorite bar
"Hey Give me a beer, it's party today"

Ch : Hey, I want a beer !

I turn my back and my beer disappears
One guy with Earth Crisis T shirt is so close to me
"Hey, have you stole my beer ?
He answers "No" with a smile on his face


I'm afraid it's gonna end in a fight
Sorry guy, come out in the street
Pay me back one beer to be forgiven
And Please !! Go change your T shirt !!!