Meanwhile​.​.​. Extinction




Recorded, and mixed on the January 7th, 8th and 9th 2016 by Fabien "Saint Seya" Lefloch at Chipolata Framboise studio.
Mastered by Sébastien Bedrunes at Empty Fields Room (Orléans, France).
Artwork by Jeff Pasquier/ Studio Lostpaper :

Out on Dirty Guys Rock, Crapoulet, Emergence, AMT, Bonobo Stomp, Subzine Records, Dingleberry Records, Black Death.


released September 2, 2016



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Intro... Meanwhile
Million people starve to death
Thousand people are killed by bomb raids

Meanwhile…women are raped in India

I see kids playing soccer and explode
And million people failing in their lives

Meanwhile…women are pelted in Syria
Track Name: Straw in a coke tale
Once upon a time in the HxC Scene
Coke Obsessed people
Like Peruvian workers in Pain
They give it to you like they give you a beer

One day looks like the next weekend

A front of a line
Straw in the nose in the toilets
Parties are built on a straw castle

Once upon a time in this sick sad World
Stupidity is stuck in this toilet drug race
They lived alone in the coke tale
Bunch of losers, don’t fuck with me
Track Name: Meathook seed
I see no bravery, I see no pride
To act under a so called faith
To prove your existence make a sense
And your poor life is not a sheep one

You certainly reckon that it’s our fate
To die in flames or by bullets
But the God you believe in
Forbade you to kill

You are Meathook seed !
Track Name: Please love me
Please take a look at me
You are so beautiful, your eyes are so blue
I guess your hair in my hands and your sweet lips on mine

My heart is breaking each time I see you on stairs

For you I’ll climb mountains to fight Gods
I’m ready to love Hatebreed or to buy flowers

My heart is breaking each time…

You’re so beautiful and I’m so ugly
I hate myself, I want to die
I know I’ve no legs
And you can dance as I roll
so, love me, love me
Or this slipknot will be my last hug
Track Name: LV426
Only in dreams, an other Planet will the shelter
A place with no fears, phobias and scum
Civil War between my fears on LV426
Free I’ll be as Yoda Said
On LV426, all the Nazis and all the spiders
Will kill each other in a terminal war
Track Name: Sans l'ombre d'un remord
Des bombes par milliers qui ouvrent les portes de l’enfer
Des peuples brûlés par un phénix atomique
Sans l’ombre d’un remord
Des enfants qui crèvent de faim
Et des soldats qui les amènent à l’échafaud
Track Name: You're all pissing me off
Now, You love Black Metal
While you ever found it tacky
You, fashion wanker
You, fashion poser
You wear super buttons
To impress the scene
Making friends with right patches

You’re all pissing me off!

You have Burzum stuff to show off
But don’t you know everybody doesn’t give a fuck?
Track Name: After the bomb
Children are limbless, cannon fodder on the floor
Bodies are dead meat, tossed away like shit
After the Bomb!
Silence means death after the big noise
And this light brighter than billion suns
Wind Throws away corpses, Apocalypse set
Cries, pain and smell of death after the bomb!
Track Name: Nicke Andersson (is an alien killer)
Ed Warner is this year’s party guest
We heared about one beer from Hell
And the presence of Nicke Andersson
The question is: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?
Suddendly, Aliens land in the pit
Starting to split all the crowd
Nicke Andersson smash their face
With laser beams out of his eyes
Maybe the beers are too strong and it’s just a dream ?
Nicke Andersson ? Nicke Andersson ?
Track Name: Love song (DFI cover)
Million bands have written songs about bombs and fucking war
And for sure, about dying children, so this song is a love song
Jay Reatard, D.F.I, The Adverts, House of Pain, Gang Green, D.I, OTIS,
7 seconds, GWAR and D.F.L
Track Name: Violence
Sad and pregnant, cooking his dinner
Always the same thing : Beer in the fridge

He comes from the work…he slaps you around

You’ve no rights, you’ve no life
Hiding reality to your friends
You live in hell since you said “Yes”
He forces you to fuck everyday
But something changed today
Tears in your eyes and a gun in your hand
You shoot him…set you free !

He comes from the work…and he dies on the floor
Track Name: Extinction
In my darkest thoughts, we are going straight to the wall
Children gonna grow up in the mud and blood

It’s a dead end, it’s a dead end !

We keep on walking, we keep on smiling
While our future is a creepy black hole
We die a slow death, Whales scream “Thank you !”
Extinction…of Mankind !